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Riding the train in Japan

On your trip to Tokyo, perhaps for our Tokyo Olympics tours or on our Tokyo Highlights tours or the like we will be riding the train in Japan. Initially, it can be stressful which is why we will allow time … Read More

My dearest friend, Kazu

How I discovered Japan started with a friendship with my dearest friend, Kazu. She was Japanese and originally from Misawa, Japan. While living in Arizona on a base, we met on a playground one morning, she with her daughter and … Read More

Why Japanese people wear a mask?

Going on your trip to Tokyo something you may encounter, even prior to Covid, are the Japanese wearing masks.  This behavior is quite common in Japan, and it is not worn by one specific age group or population.  Masks are … Read More

Tokyo Disney Trip from Tokyo

Tokyo Disney Resort is a must visit on our Tokyo Guided Tours.  Most people do not realize there are two Disney parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, located in Tokyo.  It is notable that Tokyo has two parks and there … Read More

Mt. Fuji: Trip from Tokyo

On a trip to Tokyo, most people would like to see Mt. Fuji.  Mt. Fuji is a famous icon of Japanese culture; it is considered a sacred mountain and is an active volcano!  Seeing and visiting Mt. Fuji while on … Read More

Hakone: Day Trip from Tokyo

Hakone immediately came to my mind today as I was thinking of my favorite places in Japan to take you on a trip to Tokyo!  More specifically places where I felt refreshed and renewed and Hakone is high on the … Read More

Yokohama: Day Trip from Tokyo

Another fantastic day trip to make near Tokyo is Yokohama on a Tokyo Tour.  When I reference a day trip, it literally can be done in one day.  Many of our competitors will sell you “day trips” where you are … Read More

Day Trip to Mt. Mitake from Tokyo

Day Trip to Mt. Mitake from Tokyo Mt. Mitake, a relatively unknown place to hike near Tokyo. I got to thinking about my conversations with many of you who are curious about Japan and what is in and around Tokyo. … Read More

Story of Rajio Taiso in Tokyo

Story of Rajio Taiso in Tokyo Exercise, the story of rajio taiso found throughout Tokyo and across the country of Japan.  Before I explain that…today we assumed a new morning routine getting ready for online schooling beginning next week. Both … Read More

Daily life and the Coronavirus (Part 3)

What did you do today?  I started the day having a few moments for myself, then blogging to you all.  I got a message from my husband this morning urging me to uptick our cleaning upon our entryway, so I … Read More