Hakone: Day Trip from Tokyo

Hakone immediately came to my mind today as I was thinking of my favorite places in Japan to take you on a trip to Tokyo!  More specifically places where I felt refreshed and renewed and Hakone is high on the list.  Hakone is a small town southwest of Tokyo and is about 90 minutes by train.  It is known as a “hot spring town,’ otherwise as a place with many onsens.  It has a shrine, beautiful views of Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi, and its famous black eggs are found here! 

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When we lived in Japan, Hakone wasn’t too far from us, so we drove down to visit many times.  The kids enjoyed the open-air museum, which is mostly outside, and were intrigued by the puzzle box shop.  On our last trip to Hakone, my Mom was visiting us, and it was early winter, so we decided to go and stay at an onsen hotel.  It was pricey but well worth it, our accommodations were western style, there were public and private onsens in the hotel, and multiple tasty restaurants.  We were the only Americans there and there was little English, so knowing Japanese came in handy!  To do a day trip to Hakone from Tokyo it can be inexpensive but to stay overnight is a little more, prices for lodging are comparable to Tokyo as its rural area and more traditional Japan.  This article can provide suggestions of things to do and see: https://www.timeout.com/tokyo/travel/guide-to-hakone

It is highly recommended to do a little research if you are considering going on a trip to Tokyo and then of course consider traveling with us😉!  I say this because I cannot tell you how many client conversations, I have had about visiting Tokyo and who would like to see other parts of Japan without realizing how rural and spread out Japan really is.  Hakone is an all-day trip, if you would like to see Mt. Fuji, that is a two-day trip.  It is a cooler day outside today, so thinking of Hakone, being in the mountains and relaxing in the onsens make me smile.

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