Ramen in Japan

Ramen is one of the most famous dishes of Japan, originally a noodle dish from China.  The Japanese have changed it and customized it to be their own and remarkable well I might add!  Ramen is available throughout most restaurants … Read More

Snowboarding in Japan

As I have shared before, we have three children.  When we met, we both had learned to snowboard (Trent) and ski (me) while in college, early into our marriage we recognized that if we taught our children to ski/snowboard it … Read More

Boba: The Best of the Best

One of the best drinks that I’ve had in Japan is Boba. Boba is otherwise known as bubble tea. I know it as deliciousness! Gong Cha is probably one of the most popular places in Japan to get Boba. This … Read More

Onsens (Hot springs)!

The first year we lived in Japan we went on a family ski trip to Hakuba and we ran into other families from the base. After skiing all day, a dad of one of my daughter’s friends convinced my husband … Read More


A fond memory of Japan was our shopping for “lucky bags” on New Year’s Day.  I always kept a little cash from Christmas to use on our lucky bag shopping, because it was The Best!  Lucky bags are also known … Read More

Showa Park

Showa Park is a place that I have visited many times, for school field trips, for hanging with friends, or just to get away. It used to be about 100-200 yen. However, due to a lack of visitors, there has … Read More


Japan has my heart, I got emotional and cried on the plane when we moved back to the states last summer, for many, many reasons.  Frozen in my seat as the airplane taxied down the runway, I will never forget … Read More