Yokohama: Day Trip from Tokyo

Another fantastic day trip to make near Tokyo is Yokohama on a Tokyo Tour.  When I reference a day trip, it literally can be done in one day.  Many of our competitors will sell you “day trips” where you are literally in a car or on a bus for 5 hours, which is half the day so please be cautious.  There are multiple trains, including the shinkansen (bullet train) that you can take from central Tokyo to central Yokohama.  It takes from 30-60 minutes of training depending on the day and the train. 

The Yokohama bay has a gorgeous boardwalk to walk along, with a small amusement park, and various shops nearby.  The famous Cup Noodle Ramen museum is always a favorite stop as you can design your own ramen mix and take it home with you (or back to your hotel to eat 😉).  Even better, the city of Yokohama has waterfront dining and panoramic views, with most places being much more affordable than you might think!  And guess what else? It hosts the second largest Chinatown in the world, which is the largest in Asia, outside of China of course!  To find out more, check this out.…

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The first year I lived in Japan I attended a business conference in Yokohama, and I easily fell in love with it.  It seemed more spacious than Tokyo, the city seemed to be a mixture of Japan, America (specifically Hawaii and California), and well China, totally unique!  The next opportunity I had; I took the kids there to explore.  They enjoyed it immensely!  Perhaps it was the Pokémon center, the amusement park, or the odds and ends they bought in Chinatown, but it quickly became a daytime getaway for rainy days, holidays, or 3-day weekends.

Here is an original picture from our hotel room (remember if you travel with us you will only stay where we have stayed so there aren’t any surprises – like small beds, a shared bathroom etc.)  I highly recommend visiting Yokohama, it is exceptional just like the country itself. 

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