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I grew up on college campuses watching my Mom teach, as a professor’s daughter I quickly became accustomed to moving a lot. My mom chose to change careers so for high school we settled in Missouri. I went on to college in New York and later grad school in New Mexico. After 8 years in New Mexico, I met my adorable husband Trent, an Air Force guy. New adventures quickly began as our military family was launched. 18 years later we are multilingual with six college degrees between us, we have three wonderful children, and we have lived in the United States, the United Kingdom, and in AMAZING Japan. My name is Mica and thank you so much for reading our story. My first visit to Japan was back in 2006 with my dear friend Kazu; from the people, to the food, to the culture I was immediately hooked. Up till then I had never been anywhere like it, as people seemed to be living in ‘harmony.’ All I had to do then was hope the military would send us there, AND…they did! We lived just outside Tokyo for over four years. My family truly considers Japan our home away from home and is super excited to share Japan with you. After traveling abroad to over 15 countries, one thing I know is certain, you learn to see the world from a different perspective. If you haven’t tried it, I sincerely encourage you too. Life is short and it’s never to late to learn about others. My advice for traveling is to be open-minded, ready for adventures, and don’t overbook yourself so you can take it all in! Japan has many different prefectures to visit. My favorite places are Tokyo, Kamakura, Osaka, Hakone, and Yokohama. Gorgeous countryside is abundant in Japan and there are many scenic mountains and hot springs also, so there is place for everyone. Of course, I cannot ‘not’ mention the food, it’s amazing! My favorite Japanese foods are tonkatsu, yakisoba, maki rolls, Japanese cabbage, korokke, meiji chocolates, sake, and plum wine. Tokyo Escapes was established for our loves of adventure, travel, people, and Japan. Please consider us for your bucket list experience, we would be honored. すぐに話しましょう (Let’s talk soon!)

TE Adventure Team

We are your adventure team and we go and show! Mica, a former Healthcare Executive and Trent, a former USAF Pilot are ready to show you their home away from home … Japan! 🇯🇵



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COO and Tour Leader
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