Mt. Fuji: Trip from Tokyo

On a trip to Tokyo, most people would like to see Mt. Fuji.  Mt. Fuji is a famous icon of Japanese culture; it is considered a sacred mountain and is an active volcano!  Seeing and visiting Mt. Fuji while on a Tokyo tour can be much more complicated than people may realize. 

You can go near Mt. Fuji to see its views, you can visit Mt. Fuji’s 5th station on the bottom of the mountain, or you can climb the mountain.  When we lived in Japan, I assisted in sponsoring trips to Mt. Fuji for groups of federal employees each year.  For a frame of reference, many of these employees were young, healthy, and fit and would train for weeks prior to climbing Mt. Fuji.  When they did go, they would leave at 4am and not return till midnight.  Climbing Mt. Fuji is an extremely rigorous climb and not for the faint-hearted or for children.  It is an all-day event.  Check out this link for more information:

We drove by Mt. Fuji many times on our Japan adventures, and the kids visited Fuji-Q (an amusement park) nearby.  There is an ‘old-wives tale’ about visiting Mt. Fuji if you live in Japan, and that is a whole other story!!!  So…we didn’t ever go to Mt. Fuji, our kids were younger then and we were fortunate to have a view of it each morning. 

On a trip to Tokyo, we can gladly set up a Mt. Fuji day excursion with private guides for you.

Please be wary of any tour that sells you Mt. Fuji as an easy day trip, that simply isn’t true.  This is a two-day trip from Tokyo. 

While we lived in Japan, Mt. Fuji erupted usually once a year, and only a few times we were advised to stay inside due to the ashes in the air.  Don’t let that sway you, it is a gorgeous site, most famously known in Hokusai’s art series, “Under the Wave off Kanagawa.” For more information visit:

Visit our Tokyo Tours page about all the tours to Tokyo that are offered, we are happy to customize you a tour for a Mt. Fuji experience on your trip to Tokyo!  Inquire now, consultation is always free.

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