Daily life and the Coronavirus (Part 3)

What did you do today?  I started the day having a few moments for myself, then blogging to you all.  I got a message from my husband this morning urging me to uptick our cleaning upon our entryway, so I did.  I went out by myself to find bleach, a bucket, and a few spray bottles and was successful.  After I returned, the girls and I sanitized the entryway full on!  The girls then spent the day in creative mode, painting and drawing, which was a blessing.  A little t.v. which included episodes of “The Voice” and music streaming from the girl’s phones.’  I called and checked on several friends and relatives, including our son, remember right now it is ALL about Connection, even though you are social distancing.

I watched a little bit of news and searched for information on the internet from reliable sources keeping up to date on the U.S. as well as Japan and England.  Another great site for information which cites the World Health Organization as it’s source is https://ourworldindata.org/coronavirus.

We know exercise is important especially in times of stress, so we walked our dog several times.  His name is Wasabi, he is unknowingly witty for a dog and fiery too, just like the sauce!  When my husband returned this evening, he took the girls and the dog out to ride skateboards and throw frisbee, luckily the rain here had stopped which was nice.

Keeping perspective on what really matters is key, normal life will resume eventually.  I am inquisitive and curious, so learning is something I like to do.  One of our daughter’s did an Instagram live with a friend, which got me to thinking…hmmmm – she needs to show me how to do that!  Guess that is on the agenda tomorrow.

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