Daily life and the Coronavirus (Part 2)

Technology can be awesome, right?!  I have been staying connected with my friends in Japan both local Japanese and military peeps.  They are doing what they need to do.  Daily life is starting to resume, having adapted to more precautions as recommended by their Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (the Japanese health department), please click to get an idea of what their federal government is communicating: 


Even though we are social distancing it is VERY important to stay connected.  Right now, our two teenagers are off school another week and I am encouraging them to facetime their friends.  They both looked at me the other day surprised and said, “Really Mom?”  And I replied “Yes, now is the time to be checking in with people and see how they are doing and that doesn’t mean just texting, Calling.”  Connection feeds the soul, a research study by Robert Waldinger shows exactly this, listen to this amazing Ted Talk



Today for part of the day at least, to break up the monotony, the girls and I are going to take a long walk outside and work on something creative.  Every day, we are trying to do something we don’t normally get the time to do.  And I can’t wait till Friday, we all agreed it’s Deep Cleaning day 😉!

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