Daily life and the Coronavirus (Part 1)

Well no one could have predicted how this would go.  A few days a go our youngest innocently looked at me and said “Mom, this wasn’t the year to start a travel business.”  Of course, I had mixed emotions when she said this, a little bit of anger, frustration, and then I stopped myself to look at it from her point of view.  She was being genuinely honest and concerned, empathic to the core and it made me smile.  What a great human being she has turned out to be and she is mine!  The point of my story is, in these trying times it is easy to look at the worst and harder to see the best, however searching for the the best will keep you positive and available to others.  I mean it is kind of bizarre what people are buying at the store here in America, I am doing my absolute best to not judge. 

Having lived in Japan, no doubt the cleanest country in the world!  And witnessing everyone wear a mask if they had so little as a sniffle out of the concern for others, I do hope we can emulate this in this country.  Not just now but going forward, let’s take care of each other, let’s do for others who may not be able to do for themselves.  If you have any symptoms of coronavirus, stay home follow the CDC guidelines below.  You might miss something, and it may be inconvenient, however it’s a communal way of thinking, ‘for the good of the whole.’ Which is probably why we grew to love Japan so much, they don’t think of the individual first.  America, we didn’t become a great county without sacrifice, and it’s no different now.


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