Ramen in Japan

Ramen is one of the most famous dishes of Japan, originally a noodle dish from China.  The Japanese have changed it and customized it to be their own and remarkable well I might add!  Ramen is available throughout most restaurants in Japan. There are ramen restaurants that specialize in ramen only, there are packaged ramen that is available at most grocery stores, and food courts of many malls and shopping areas have ramen on their menus as well.  What is Japanese ramen? Well ramen is noodles and broth, yes, but it can be much, much more! It is really by the soup base that each ramen is classified. Miso ramen is popular, it has a soybean paste (one of my favorites). There is also Shoyu, which is a base with soy sauce or Shio, which is a base with salt.  Another one of my favorites is Tonkatsu, which is a pork bone base. YUM! All sorts of vegetables come in ramen: seaweed, sweet potatoes, cabbage, shiitake mushrooms etc.…And when you eat ramen in Japan, it is More than polite and literally expected, to slurp as you eat! And lift and drink directly from your bowl!! Many people mistakenly think Japan has only sushi, well that just isn’t true, ramen is one the tastiest hot foods to enjoy in Japan among many others.  I hope you get to try it one day!

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