Japan has my heart, I got emotional and cried on the plane when we moved back to the states last summer, for many, many reasons.  Frozen in my seat as the airplane taxied down the runway, I will never forget that moment. Our oldest, Alex, took my hand and with a smile said,

"Mom, we are off to new adventures."

Something I would always say to our kids when we moved, and we have moved a lot! Guess they were listening…

You see, my journey to Japan began 15 years ago with a very special friendship, be patient with me I am happy to explain more about that later. Passionate about our wonderful experiences living in Japan, we wanted to find a way to share it, so we established this company, Tokyo Escapes.

If you are interested in having a quality, unforgettable, bucket list, ‘personalized experience’ traveling to Japan, you are in the right place.  Tidbits of our fond memories and knowledge will be chronicled here, so please stay tuned.

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