Boba: The Best of the Best

One of the best drinks that I’ve had in Japan is Boba. Boba is otherwise known as bubble tea. I know it as deliciousness! Gong Cha is probably one of the most popular places in Japan to get Boba. This chain carries at least 30 different drinks to drop your tapioca in. You also have the option to heat up the drink or keep it cold. Different teas taste good either way. I highly recommend the classic milk tea! Harajuku, Shinjuku, and Shibuya have the longest lines and some of the best places.

However, I recently discovered a new Boba shop in Fussa, Tokyo. It is located right outside of Yokota Air Base. Don’t worry, they speak both English and Japanese! I’ve tasted almost all their teas and a couple of their slushie-smoothies. I would recommend the Tiger Brown and Lemon Green tea. The smoothie which was my favorite was the avocado pineapple smoothie. It is super tasty, despite its unappealing name! It tastes nothing like “healthy” green drinks. For those with a sweet tooth, I would recommend the cotton candy smoothie. The tapioca is always fresh, just like its name, and chewy-soft. In my opinion, it is a better place to get Boba than Gong Cha.

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