Showa Park

Showa Park is a place that I have visited many times, for school field trips, for hanging with friends, or just to get away. It used to be about 100-200 yen. However, due to a lack of visitors, there has been an increase in price. It is now about 300-500 yen. There haven’t been as many visitors because not as many people visit these kinds of things anymore. There is also not a lot of advertising, so new people don’t know about this interesting park. 

Within the park, you can also pay for a bicycle to use around the park. This is highly recommended!! The one-seat bicycles are so fun to ride around and feel the breeze on your back. However, I must warn you about the double-seat bicycles. These bicycles are not as relaxing as you think. Even though it has twice the manpower, it is a lot more work to keep up. The front person must put a lot more effort into steering and driving the bicycle. I would know… because I’ve done it before. 

Aside from the stress of a double bicycle, there are many other areas to check out. There are “marshmallow mountains” that you can jump up and down on, a beautiful waterfall, and many bridges to take pictures. If you are leaving to go to the train, there is also an ice cream shop, which has delicious 100-yen options. All in all, Showa Park was one of my favorite places to go in Tachikawa.

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